Design & Engineering

Haulette Manufacturing’s Design and Engineering Department can take a 3d model of a part, and design a rack to accommodate your shipping and handling needs. We try to include all design aspects into our products, including secure holding of a part, ease of loading and unloading (ergonomics), assembly line restraints, and any other customer specific requirements. Our products can be designed with castors for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, or they can be tailored to an already existing conveyor line within your facility. Concept designs and blue prints can be provided for new model parts, or to replace outdated blueprints. Download our ISO Certificate


CAD Design


ISO model view of a rack with parts.

Finished Assembly


Prototype of rack used as build sample.

Finished With Parts


Rack holding an instrument panel.

CAD Design


ISO model view of a rack with seat frames.

Seat Rack


Close up view of a completed rack.

Seat Rack


Seat frame racks being staged for shipment.