Rack Repair

Sometimes after a model year is over, our customers may find that they have an abundance of racks that are no longer being used. Our design team can find new life for your rack inventory by designing solutions to hold a new model part within the parameters of the old rack. Our production team can then cut out unnecessary components, and replace them with new components to fill our customer’s needs. This “recycling” of an old product can save our customer’s money by avoiding buying all new materials. We can also repair damage that occurs from regular usage.

Newly updated rack

A rack using the same structure as a previous model, updated to hold a newer model part.

New rack features

A rack modified to hold a current year part

Updated Cart

A cart after it receives a face lift

Obsolete Part

A rack that needs upgraded to a new model year’s requirements

Damaged Cart

An example of a cart that needs a skin added to it, and some repair work.

Obsolete Packaging

An example of a rack with obsolete internal features